This photograph was taken on an iPhone 5c. I’m a big fan of camera phones, and God I loved that phone. Apple called it the ‘funnest’ iPhone yet. That’s not even a proper word is it? But y’know what, I get what they mean. Yeah, it was kinda plastic-y, but I liked that. It felt so robust and tough that I felt I could photograph in any situation and not worry about dropping it or anything. Over confidence I’m sure, but it gave me that little bit of bravery you sometimes need to get ‘the shot’. So really, ‘Splashdown’ was all about bravery and the willingness to put myself in tricky situations to get an awesome photograph. At the waterpark there was a giant bucket of water slowly filling up, then at at the moment the water came tumbling down I shot quickfire bursts into the water. I could see there was a lot of sun hitting one place on the ground too, which helped the iPhone achieve a faster shutter speed. I got completely and utterly soaked. But that’s ok. I had a great time, and for me that’s what photography should be about.


So am I still using the iPhone 5c? No. I broke it by walking into the edge of a desk while the phone was in my pocket. The screen was facing outwards and cracked on impact.

I know, how stupid am I right?

I’ve now moved onto the iPhone 6s. I’ll be showing you some photographs from that camera, and the stories behind it, next time.